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I’m so excited about introducing the “Belly Butter” whipped organic Shea body butter blend to you!!  This was developed entirely and solely by pregnant moms who happened to use this butter on their bellies their entire pregnancy and told me they didn’t get a stretch mark!  I had a hard time believing the first pregnant friend who tried it when she told me that, but after the 5th friend who used it during her entire pregnancy told me that as well…I thought that maybe I need to be sharing this with you!   Emily, Nikki, Autumn…this belly butter was named after you!  Thank you for paving the way for the new “Bellly Butter” and bringing it to my attention how wonderful this works on pregnant bellies!  Ladies…you’ve gotta try this!

This is the debut of the all-new essential oils natural healing “Premium blend” line of my Butter Mama Organic Whipped Shea Body Butter!  This Belly Butter Blend is infused with the highest quality essential oils; this blend features Lavender and Grapefruit, both of these oils are suggested as safe for use during pregnancy.

*if you’re unsure about the use of essential oils during pregnancy, the “Unscented” whipped organic Shea butter is the exact same product minus the essential oils.

How to use: For the best results, use consistently morning and night, don’t be shy in application, let it soak in, and repeat for the duration of pregnancy.

Please note:  This is not a claim to be some kind of miracle cream that will treat all forms and completely rid you of stretch marks, etc., it will at the very least provide relief from skin stretching, and be a great aid to healthy skin.  Since you are pregnant, possibly nursing, or might have other health concerns, or have the possibility of an allergic reaction or skin sensitivity, please consult your doctor before the use of essential oils since they are such high quality and potent oils to see if they are safe for you personally.

If you would like any of these oils straight from the source, here is the link to buy them:


Product Description

Our organic body butter is made with all natural, 100% organic, unrefined, raw butters-which means you get all of the good stuff!  There are no chemicals, no artificial enhancers, no watery substance, no oily or greasy film left behind, or any other yucky stuff the other “chain” butters have in them…with our butters you get nothing but just plain & pure skin deliciousness!!

What makes our butters different than anything you’ll find in the stores is that they’re all organic, natural, and of pure real Shea butter, not watered down, not oiled down, no preservatives added in.  You can’t pump it like a lotion, it’s rich, fluffy, and raw.  The ingredients are so fresh that if it’s kept out in the heat, it will melt, it has to stay at room temperature, and you won’t see that in stores because it’s too much of a hassle for retailers to deal with raw/natural/pure butters, they’d rather throw in the words “Shea butter” with their lotions, when in reality, it’s only a tiny amount of real shea in the actual lotion.  You don’t get any of that here.  You get ALL the good stuff, the real stuff.  The stuff that really does work for your skin.

It’s perfect for your entire body, including all skin types, African-American hair, and even your face!  It soaks in your skin naturally & organically where it won’t block your pores!  There is nothing but a nice healthy sheen left behind, not a greasy feeling!  Your skin and wallet will thank you for using this body-licious butter!

2 reviews for Natural Healing Premium Organic body butter-Belly Butter 8oz

  1. 5 out of 5


    This Product is fantastic. I used “Butter Mamma’s” Belly Butter from the time I found out I was pregnant (12 wks-end). The ladies in my family from great grandma to my mom have had what they call “Love Marks” from their kiddos and I knew I was doomed for them too. BUT… I applied this butter morning and evening daily and I came out of pregnancy without one single stretchmark. If and when Kiddo No. 2 comes along, I will use it again. Fantastic Product and I highly reccomend it because its all-natural, it moisturizes your itchy belly, and you might come out without a mark on you! Try it, its worth it.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I love the cocoa-nut butter! I’m so obsessed with the smell, I could just eat it, (but I won’t, lol ) it’s so yum! I used it all throughout my 2nd pregnancy on my tummy with barely any marks, which made this Mama happy! I’m all about knowing what is in my product and the source, so this is my favorite product!

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