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This is where you’ll find the best body butter you could ever put on your skin!  It’s made with all natural, 100% organic, unrefined, raw butters-which means you get all of the good stuff!  There are no chemicals, no artificial enhancers, no watery substance, no oily or greasy film left behind, or any other yucky stuff the other “chain” butters or lotions have in them…with Butter Mama butters you get nothing but just all natural plain & pure skin deliciousness!!

What makes these butters different than anything you’ll find in the stores is that they’re all organic, natural, and made of pure real, unrefined Shea butter from Ghana, Africa; not watered down, not oiled down, with no preservatives added in.  You can’t pump it like a lotion, it’s rich, fluffy, and raw.  The ingredients are so fresh that if it’s kept out in the heat, it will melt, it has to stay at room temperature, and you won’t see that in stores because it’s too much of a hassle for retailers to deal with raw/natural/pure butters, they’d rather throw in the words “shea butter” with their lotions, when in reality, it’s only a tiny amount of real shea in the actual lotion mixed with a ton of chemicals and preservatives to increase shelf life.  You don’t get any of that here.  You get ALL the good stuff, the real stuff, organic & natural stuff.  The stuff that really does work for your skin and african-american hair.

It’s creamy, and beautiful, thick (a little goes a long way!!) and absolutely the best thing you’ve ever tried!  Promise!  It organically smells divine…The original “Cocoa Nut” is the most popular, it’s got a natural cocoa butter chocolate smell, I’ve literally been told that it smells good enough to eat!  (but please don’t do that!)  Some of my other scents are cocoa butter free if you just don’t like that particular scent.  🙂

It’s perfect for your entire body, including ALL skin types and ages, newborns as well, and is specifically made for African-American skin and hair, and it’s even gentle for your face!  It soaks in your skin naturally & organically while letting your skin still breathe.  There is nothing but a nice healthy sheen left behind, not a greasy or sticky feeling!

Side note: It’s made for & absolutely amazing for African-American skin, but for the white folks…don’t pass this by either, I never knew my skin needed it so much until I started slathering it on my son and used the leftovers on my elbows, hands, knees, and feet!  My skin is muuuuch happier, and my sandal feet never looked better!  Also for you short wearers, try this butter on your legs and see the silky shine left behind that make your legs look amazing!  During winter time, those cracked hands and heels become renewed…dry legs…list goes on…this stuff WORKS.

Seriously, it’s amazing, ya’ll will love it, can’t ya tell I’m a tad bit excited about it!?  You know how it is when you find something that WORKS, that is amazing, you just want to shout it to everyone, to tell all your friends about it, you want everyone to experience the joy you have about it!  I love finding stuff that works!!


Tips & Tricks:

Here are some different ways that my customers have shared with me about how you use the body butter:

~Wonderfully made for African-American hair!  “The Big Guns” is what I’ve been told it is to the hair, major moisture.

~Pregnant bellies!!!!  🙂

~Exfoliate your feet (with my NEW organic whipped shea sugar scrub or one of those callus feet files from the store), then slather the butter on, put some socks on and go to bed, when you wake up your feet will feel brand new!

~After shaving, putting this butter on will take care of those bumps and rejuvenates your skin!

~Try it on your face, it’s great for patches of flaky skin!

~It has natural healing properties in it (because of the raw Shea), so any scratches, ECZEMA, Psoriasis, cracks in your skin over the course of using it a few days it will heal right up!

~Great for nails!

~Use for a skin rash

~Itchy skin, or insect bites!

~Peppermint isn’t just a winter time scent, it is a natural bug repellent!!  Bugs HATE the smell of peppermint!!


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  1. Deborah Watkins October 22, 2015 at 8:39 am Permalink

    Hi Erin!

    I love love LOVE your body butter 🙂 I put it all over after every shower, paying special attention to the back of my hands and the chest area–ladies, those are the two big “age-telling” spots so keep them healthy and youthful 😉 . If I have any extra lotion on my hands when all is said and done, I rub it onto the tips of my curly hair.

    It definitely has a different feel than regular store bought lotion–very rich. I find that I like to wait a few mins before getting dressed to let the lotion soak in a bit.

    I like the lavender scent. My husband really likes the peppermint.

    Thank you!

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